GraphQL APIs for Postgres with pg_graphql

pg_graphql ( by Supabase is a lightweight extension to Postgres that adds a GraphQL layer over your databases, in the same style as PostgREST. This talk will go over how to get started with pg_graphql.

GraphQL Australia, May 2022 -

Macro Madness: when busting boilerplate backfires

A brief talk about an adventure in writing some macro code to reduce boiler-plate.

Elixir Australia, February 2022 -

Getting up and running with PromEx

PromEx is a fantastic library that turns BEAM telemetry events into metrics that can be scraped by the Prometheus timeseries monitoring system. It also has the added feature of providing some in-built Grafana charts that can be uploaded directly to a Grafana instance.

In this talk we will walk through setting up a local PromEx environment including Prometheus and Grafana with Docker to show how quickly you can get some metrics going in your Elixir applications.

Elixir Australia, September 2021 -

OTP24 and Elixir 1.12 Release Bonanza!

May 2021, was a bumper month for the BEAM ecosystem, with the release of OTP24 and Elixir 1.12

Elixir Australia, May 2021 -

Kicking the tires on Nx - Numerical Elixir

Nx, Numerical Elixir, is one of the most hotly anticipated libraries to be added to the Elixir ecosystem

Elixir Australia, March 2021 -

gRPC in Elixir

Whirlwind tour of gRPC in Elixir

Elixir Australia, November 2020 -

A Quick Introduction to Erlang and the OTP Libraries

BFPG, October 2013 -

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