Senior Full Stack Developer

I am a full stack software developer with experience in generalist software development with a focus on soft real-time systems software and analytics in telecommunications and industrial control systems. I’m passionate about system reliability and performance, and employ techniques such as functional programming, type-safety, automated testing, and observability to improve software quality. I like bad puns and loud shirts.



  • Back-End / Systems: Elixir, Erlang, Java, Node.JS, Haskell
  • Front-End: Javascript, CSS, HTML, TailwindCSS
  • Frameworks/Libraries: Phoenix (incl. LiveView), React, JSP
  • Databases: Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, Kafka
  • APIs: ReST/JSON, gRPC, GraphQL
  • Architecture: CQRS/ES, PubSub, CRUD, Microliths, Macroservices, Stranglers
  • Cloud: AWS, Gigalixir, Linode, Netlify
  • Observability: InfluxDB, Grafana, Syslog, Prometheus
  • OS: MacOS, NixOS, Ubuntu, Windows (incl. WSL), Docker
  • Tools: Git, GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo (Atlassian)
  • Misc: Spacemacs, vim, emacs, tmux, LaTeX

Work Experience

Senior Developer

Alembic, September 2020 → Present

  • Phoenix LiveView and CQRS/ES application development
  • Elixir cluster deployment including distributed Mnesia data store
  • Observability
  • React/GraphQL/Phoenix/Postgres web applications

Senior Software Engineer

Telstra T-Live Network Performance Monitoring Platform

Telstra, November 2018 → September 2020

  • took an Elixir-based gRPC NMS telemetry collector from prototype to production, processing telemetry from 100s of devices at the edge of Telstra’s networks (NBN and enterprise) on a single node, ~10 telemetry messages per device per second into ~40 metric values per device per second
  • co-developed a custom functional DSL (Domain-Specific Language) for telemetry message processing
    • dynamically-typed total language with immutable data types, closures, and strict evaluation
    • lexer and parser written using Erlang’s leex and yecc
    • tree-walking interpreter with property-tested BIFs, hot-code-loading runtime
    • used by network engineers to transform telemetry data from the gRPC edge devices above into useful metrics, aligning with Telstra’s push to develop self-service solutions
  • co-led the development of a new meta-data service using Elixir and Postgres resulting in 2-3 orders of magnitude speed-up for queries from client systems; was an enabler for T-Live to increase its scalability of monitored devices by at least 400%
  • designed an Elixir rewrite of an NMS metric aggregation service capable of processing in excess of 50k metrics per second on a handful of CPU cores, and mentored a junior engineer who implemented and deployed the service
  • helped the team enhance its visualisation skills by mentoring engineers in combining Influx and MySQL timeseries- and meta-data in the development of Grafana dashboards

Plant Information Management Systems Developer

Yatala Brewery Process Control and Automation Engineering

Carlton&United Breweries (CUB) September 2004 → October 2018

  • development of key site information systems for production tracking and utilities & energy KPI reporting, including timeseries data logging and analytics pipeline in excess of 10 million raw points per day
  • moved to more reliable and lower cost software development by introducing functional programming technology, including Haskell, own-built functional libraries in G2, and functional Javascript
    • Haskell used for offline data processing tasks (binary timeseries files and XML files) that automated cumbersome manual processes
    • Developed a functional library for G2 that provides higher-order functions for list traversals
  • introduced several innovations to the software ecosystem including automated software data point configuration (leading to a reduction in manual configuration effort by 99%), advanced database design, data analysis and visualisation (SVG, D3.js, Grafana, and R) and web HTTP APIs
  • co-authored several academic conference/journal papers on the information systems, energy management and control system activities at the brewery
  • mentor to over 20 vacation work experience engineers, CEED students and graduate engineers in the physical engineering disciplines
  • established strong collaborative relationships with engineers, technicians, technical brewers and managers
  • recognised with a company-wide excellence award for engineering change management



Talks can be found here


Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Engineering)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, 1999 → 2003

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